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Music for entertainment and education

CDs on the Revolve, Jade and other independent labels offer a wide range of compositions in many styles, written by some of Australia's best known and best loved composers.

The full spectrum of 20th and 21st century styles is represented -

** traditional tonal, melodic works

**tonal works using advanced modern harmonies

**imaginative avant-garde pieces

**serial, atonal works

**substantial works played by Australian orchestras

** short lyrical pieces for solo and chamber ensemble

**substantial chamber works including vocal pieces

**unusual instrumentation

**special feature - new works for mandolin solo and plectrum ensembles

**especially written works

**re-mastered archival recordings

**live recordings of premiere performances

and many, many more stand-out features in each new CD release!

Robert AllworthThe miracle of Jade CDs

Jade producer, Robert Allworth received an OAM (Order of Australia) in 1997, in recognition of his contribution to Australian music, both as a composer and producer of the unique Jade CD series.

"Acclaimed by fellow-composers and teachers, Robert Allworth's pioneering Jade CD enterprise has been described as a 'miracle', a 'unique project' which has championed Australian music, especially the work of women composers. He's also acknowledged for championing the music of little-known or experimental composers. Allworth has been described as a 'visionary' and is widely regarded among his peers for his outstanding contribution to Australian music ..." - extract from article in 2MBS-FM Program Guide, January 1996. Click here for more press comment

The Jade catalogue currently stands at 75 CDs, many of which are represented at this site.

Derek Strahan operates through his company, Revolve Pty. Ltd. (Established 1972). Revolve is also the name of his CD label. Revolve has released 3 recordings of Strahan music, and has contributed recordings of Strahan works on the Jade label (run by composer-entrepreneur, Robert Allworth).The Jade catalogue currently stands at 71 releases, all devoted exclusively to the work of some of Australia's best known composers such as Robert Allworth, Lawrence Bartlett, Betty Beath, Colin Bright, Colin Brumby, Ann Carr-Boyd, Barry Conyngham, Roger Dean, Dorothy Dodd, Ross Edwards, Matthew Hindson, Dulcie Holland, Miriam Hyde, Eric Gross, Michael Lonsdale, Vernon Lyall, Mary Mageau, Peter Sculthorpe, Ian Shanahan, Larry Sitsky, Michael Smetanin, Colin Spiers, Derek Strahan, Benjamin Thorn and many others.

Jade and Revolve CDs are popular with radio presenters here in Australia, and music from them is extensively played on national and state radio. The CDs are also regarded as a valuable educational resource and are well represnted in Australian Public Libraries.

Derek Strahan is pleased to be associated with Jade, and to offer for sale on this site a selection of Revolve and Jade CDs and some other independent Australian releases. Also for sale are Music Scores of works by Derek Strahan, and educational Music Kits of selected works by Strahan. Each kit packages together CD, score and analysis.

Click here to go to Derek Strahan's Home Page for CATALOGUE INFORMATION giving details about CDs, Music Scores and Music Kits. You can also go to press reviews, mini-biogs on Strahan and Allworth, a CD check list, and Portfolio which contains extensive reading files on Strahan's works in progress. Also Polemic with files on music topics.


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